Vantage point

Saturday, April 19, 2003

A slightly delayed report of 14th April.

This was the day I met two more bloggers, Sameer and Ashu. First Sameer, Suku and I went to watch LOTR-The Two Towers at Fame Adlabs in Andheri. Suku and I reached the theatre and were looking for Sameer. I saw a guy wearing specs leaning against a wall opposite the ticket window, which was the pre-decided spt, and asked Suku if that could be him. Now Sameer comes across as a very chirpy guy on his blog and I expected him to be wearing a big big smile, even when he was standing...for no apparent reason. This dude was not exactly mourning, but he was not smiling either, so I had my doubts. Suku and I had a minor discussion about the Sameer-ness of the fellow. Then she decided to give him a ring on his mobile and see if this fellow reaches for his pocket. He did, and he walked towards us, flashing the big smile that I was expecting him to.

The initial introductions made, we stood in the queue to buy tickets. Suku kept voicing her wish to watch the Sunny Deol starrer "The Hero" instead, but then you all know how the ring draws you towards it. Suku wears a ring identical to "The One" around her neck, like Frodo does, and she had to head for LOTR-TTT, as if it was Mount Doom.

Now this is when I opened my wallet and realised the big big blunder I had made. I had forgotten to withdraw cash and was left with very little. I could buy the ticket, but whether I would be able to pay for popcorn, nachos and dinner later was very questionable. We took tickets (middle seats in the last row, as Suku ordered) and headed in. We had to wait in the lobby for a while and we made the most of the wait by stocking up on Pepsi, nachos and popcorn for the movie.

After we were on our seats inside, somehow the subject turned to Vivek Oberoi. I started talking about his movie "Dum" which I had seen some days back, and lambasted it in no uncertain terms. I spoke for a few minutes about the movies weaknesses, which are abundant, and questioned the rationale of Vivek Oberoi acting in such a howler. Just as I had finished the Dum-daati, Suku informed me that sitting to our left was Sushant Singh, who plays an integral role in Dum. Now what are the odds of that happening? It happens with me all the time. I will be ridiculing the Prof and he is standing behind me, or I am making fun of a girl, and she is standing next to me. That day, it was taken to a new level, with an actor from a movie I was badmouthing, sitting next to us. What next? Maybe I will be in America, probably in the NY subway, speaking ill of the Al Qaida, and I will dsicover Bin Laden is leaning against me???

Anyway, the movie started shortly, and wow, is it amazing! The visuals, the acting, the sequences, everything are out of this world. Like everyone Gollum was my favourite too, but what I loved even more was he portrayal of Mordor. The place seems to ooze out evil. Of all the places in Middle Earth, I think Mordor has been depicted the best in the movie. There are a few complaints too. I did not like the woman who played Eowyn. Somehow I expected Eowyn to be gorgeous, like Arwen is. I found that Faramir's role was not really portrayed perfectly. Anyway, there is one more part so we will see if that chanegs.

After the movie, the three of us yapped and yapped as we waited for Ashu...somehow I get the feeling I yapped the most. After sometime, Ashu reached there, and his being late was not his fault, but more of South Africa's because they could not dismiss the Bangladeshis earlier.

After some deliberations about where to go, we decided on Subway. En route, I spotted a UTI bank ATM and saw an opportunity for a liquidity inflow. I stopped the rick, got down and tried to withdraw money, but the ATM machine had some problems with balance or something and I could get only 100 rupees!!!!!

Subway was fun. Ashish is a very fun guy to be with, and is not at all quiet as he would have you believe. He seems to be an expert in taang-khinchai practising it on Sameer and Suku a few times. I was wondering mera number kab aayega, but then we haven't interacted at all before this so he probably felt a bit wary.

The sandwiches were great, and having finished them, we headed for ice creams. The mango ice cream in Naturals was amazing. We spent some more time talking on the streets of Lokhandwala, till about midnight when we called up to wish Suku's mom on her birthday and soon later, we left.

The whole evening was totally paisa wasool ( or even more, because I did not have any paisa on me thanks to the blunder. Thanks guys, for helping me out, or I would be washing the dishes in subway and walking back to Borivli). Both Sameer and Ashish come across as guys whom you have known all your life. there is an air of ease surrounding them. I hope I shall be able to meet them again before I leave Mumbai and that it will be as much fun as this time, if not more.