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Wednesday, April 16, 2003

If this paper is not stinking tripe, I don't know what is. It is such a mentality that justifies unjust campaigns like Iraq.

Came across it on a forum that I am part of. The discussion naturally led to what are the reasons behind the survival of democracy in India. Here's something I found very well presented -

Story of Indian Democracy did not start at midnight of 8/14-15 nor on Jan26. A nation that is either unawre of its past ( not the embroidred jingoistic one )a generation that doesn't want even to know the past except what is dished out in google are all doomed to listening to this kind of clap trap. I understand & share your disgust & anguish,

It never worked in the social structure but in terms of intra-religious differances it worked, DISSENT, I mean. In India. For centuries. Much before Robin pulled a hood over the Normans.

VAADA VAADE JAAYATE SATYAM was the corner stone of the Indian's search,debates, dissents, differances. The flip side too is there & I don't have to deatail that. Islam brooks no rash arguments. Christianity, the orthodox version never liked a challenge. But when it came to Saivism v/s Vaishnavisn v/s Shaktas v/s Buddhist/ Jains or Dwaitas & Advaitas arguments, even fistcuffs & scuffles & throwing of things ( including latter day mikes in Vidhan Sabha ), argumentativeness comes naturally to the genius of our people. Blind obedience in Social norms of Caste structure apart rebellion in everything else. Fascinating. Does it mean Hindu Indians & by association Muslim/Christians of India are more suitable for democracy? I should think so. The very diversity makes it mandatory. Uniformity will kill it. Pakistanis, our own cousins, made the mistake of Islamic State ( have patience we R on way to Hindu Nation anyway) and literally brought Uniform on the forefront. Otherwise between the quarrels of Baluch against a Sindhi both hated by Pujabis who are distrusted by all and Mohajirs dancing a jig, democracy would have been alive & kicking there & it well might for, let us not forget that for half of its existance Pak HAS known Democracy. Break up of Pak or war reverses took place when democracy was suspended there. It WILL come back. Taxila is still very much there. The Spirit survives.

A religion ( wrong terminology) that has given perhaps the least presumptious wonderings or musings in the Hymn of Creation on that all too important a subject; a speculation that did not even think of giving a specific name beyond " KA?" Who? to the Unknown god, did the greatest thing by NOT doing the expected, laying down the Law. All Law Givers & their commentators were respected but not meticulously followed down the centuries. Manu & Kautilayas Criminal Procedure laws are enough to make one throw up thu the ears but who followed them while semetic punishments are still on in some societies. Infraction was looked upon with indulgence here, stoning was the only way there. While Europe was warming hands at pyres burning heretic witches Nagsena was mocking the Brahmins. With impunity. Lot & lot & lot went wrong with India subsequently & Indians and this land learnt a lot from Mughal & British asdministration, justice & education BUT the basic idea that every one had a voice in the society, in the local polity, in the Panchayat, in the Caste-Punch, did remain at the subconscious level. India was born for no other way but democracy. It remained dormant for milennia. Very few recognised it. But those who did were great men indeed. King Milinda was one. So was Akbar. More about these two in some other context. English education did help us to write our Constitution perhaps & let us remember that to day, on Ambedkar's birth day.

The neo-Historians & their Saffron masters who want to kill dissent in this country by neutralising Muslims/Christians & liberal Hindus, these slur on the face of this ancient dharma, even they can not alter a simple fact that India is World's First & Biggest Country made by Immigrants. And that single fact makes it imperative that we either remain democratic, as we have been in many subtle ways for 5000 years, ot perish.

by KABIR on Tue Apr 15th, 2003 at 01:23:12 AM PST