Vantage point

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

I HAD A DREAM.........

Had this dream last night and it must definitely rate as the most bizarre one I've ever had. This is how it went.

I come home, switch on the TV, and go to the Aaj Tak channel. There the usual "BREAKING NEWS" display is flashing. The newsreader is saying (in hindi) -

"A MiG-23 of the Indian Air Force crashed in Ayodhya today. It crashed on the disputed site where the Babri structure once stood. The pilot ejected and there were no casualties, but the plane exploded after crashing and there is a huge crater in the ground about 60 feet deep. Firefighters are working hard to control the blaze......"

etc etc.

Am I watching too many news channels???? Or are too many MiGs crashing??Or are too many people giving Ayodhya more importance than it deserves?

Or all of the above?