Vantage point

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I am in a shady netcafe in Borivli(E) right now. The first two days of the job were about getting to know the company better through an orientation programme. It consisted of many presentations and factory visits. I realised what a huge company L&T truly is and how vital it is for our country's economy. The shopfloors were awe inspiring and the sheer scale of their operation...WOW!!

Anyway, my job starts tomorrow and I will get to know more about what my project entails.

I stay in Borivli with my friend Ameya. Funny thing nis that like Hostel 11 of IIML, this place too is surrounded by 'dayegs' (or "dogs" for those who haven't seen Brad Pitt play a gypsy). I am not a fan of dogs as you all know, but these Mumbai dogs have managed to eke out a smidgen of respect for themselves in my mind. Because the dogs of Bombay are just like the people of Bombay. They mind their own business and let you mind yours. So while the Lucknow dog would express an unhealthy interest in what I was gobbling down as I ran to my morning lecture, the interest often manifesting itself in a threatening growl that says "Gimme the sandwich or I'll nip ya", the Mumbai dog maintains a stoic distance. He rummages through the garbage bin, licks himself...maybe even chases his own tail or two....but does not interfere with your life. This sorta dog I like. So yesterday as I walked from the Western Express Highway towards Ameya's home, munching on a wadapav (Lucknow has no wadapav!!!), I was struck by the downright decent behaviour of the Mumbai dogs. Doog doog....I mean good good!