Vantage point

Monday, April 14, 2003

My first week in Bombay is over and it has been great. Following are the reasons I like this city -

- The weather
- The people
- The disciplined traffic
- The efficient public transport system
- The sheer Bombay-ness of this city.

My project is a customer satisfaction survey. Now the product is switchgear equipment, which is a heavily industrial equipment, worth lakhs of rupees per unit, so the "customers" are major industries and not the usual customers we survey. I have been told to survey customers in North India, so for 3 weeks I will be roaming around North India, visiting factories that use the L&T PCC and MCC. I will be "based" in Faridabad, but I have to visit customers in U.P, Haryana, Rajasthan, MP, Himachal (please please please more of Himachal) etc. After 3 weeks there I will return to Bombay and compile the report.