Vantage point

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Another time, another place. And here we are.

7 months back, Suku and I met up for the very first time and had a great time. 7 months hence, History [which by the way is my favourite subject] repeats itself. Only this time for a longer duration. Like say 7 hours. Now this is what I call timing, folks. :-)

Gaurav: The day started on a great note, since I found her place without asking anyone anything at all, which is a big big achievement for a directionally challenged a guy like me. Suku welcomed me in a very �Gracious Hostess� manner. =-). After that Suku, her Mom and I sat and talked for a long time about any and every topic under the sun, from Mayawati�s indiscretions to marketing to the different ways in which panha is made in Maharashtra and U.P. This was followed by the U.P style panha being served and believe me it is as delectable as the Maharashtrian variety.
Then I saw the huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge collection of books and DVD�s at her place and made a mental note to steal it all the next time I don my cat-burglar identity. We surfed the net for a while, and I read Sonal�s journal (which I haven�t been able to read cos of that damn shady netcafe�s settings� fault), saw her pics (Nice ones, Sonal, ekdum ethnic and all ;)). I saw the famous window and the view outside the window that Suku has talked about on many occasions. After this we had some sabudana wadas with green tomato sauce and Coke and then decided to venture out. We went to a Coffee place, Pit Stop but both had tea. :-P. Spoke to Sameer on the phone while he was busy trying to rediscover parts of Bombay he had not recently visited. Looks like we are ganging up again for The Two Towers on Monday.
Whenever I go to a bookstore, I need to take 7 horses (preferably wild) with me, because only they can make me leave it. This time since Suku was with me too, I had to take 14 (actually she is built quite waif-ishly so even 10 would�ve sufficed). We must�ve spent an hour there just browsing through books and talking about them. At the end of it, Suku gifted me a copy of �Mein Kampf� in addition to �The Shining� she had already given me. 2 books gifted in one day�.that already makes it one of the best days ever. =-)
Had dosa and pav bhaji at a restaurant and came back, and are now writing this join blog entry.

Even if L&T makes me slog for two months for 12 hours a day, and not pay me a penny in return, this one day has been amazing enough to make my Bombay visit worth it. If you were a fly on the wall seeing us interact today, all your compound eyes would grow large after learning that this was the only second time we met.

Suku: Since Chickoo, [Gaurav for mortals] has already stated a perfect screenplay of the days� happenings. I�ll hog less footage. :P firstly he got me the entire season 8 of Friends. :D Yes. Yes. Yes. [Doing a Bret Lee like action on getting wickets]. We got into a heavy discussion with Mom about political and historical stuff, and my best friend�s name kept popping up now and then, in a complimentary way, of course. ;-) Later, Gaurav was shamelessly drooling over my brother�s books and DVD�s. But he settled for checking his e-mails instead. At present he is chortling from behind, while I concoct a contortion of facts and fiction. Okies then we walked down my society lane and reached this coffee shop. Although he wanted to drink Espresso something something [Macchiatto, he prompts from behind] he settled for apna Assami chai. Then I took him to the local mall, and my favorite book corner and we stepped on each other�s toes, literally. My clumsiness is rubbing off on him. The bookstore was great fun. Discussing books with your friend is one helluva exercise, I tell ya. At the mall, Gaurav insisted he is 6 inches taller than, which he SO is not. So he made me stand against a wall, measured the difference. What a bully, I tell you. Budthameez :P. Truth be told, I am 5�4 and he is 5�9. That works fine for both of us, methinks. Another funny thing I noticed was his phobia to cross roads. I discovered I am already on the other side, while he hadn�t even moved an inch. He also got me this cute Chuckie of Rugrats fame keychain. Everybody knows I LURVE Rugrats.

I had so much fun after a really, really long time. I am so happy that I rather not share it, but I deserve it. :-) The good thing is that I don�t have to keep talking to him continuously, attend to him all the time, see if he�s doing okay or not, I can be myself. I think that�s the case with him also. And you know what? He is an atheist. *Gasps* ;-)