Vantage point

Monday, April 14, 2003

Something I've been thinking about for some days. What is more important for some people? Being a rebel and swimming against the tide....or doing their own thing? I know that a lot of times what you want to do is the opposite of what the crowd does/thinks. But there are times when you actually want to do what everyone likes or wants too.

I have noticed that for some people it is more important to be anti-establishment...or be a maverick...or be a Jim Morrison than to do what they want.

Not everyone seems to realise the difference between

"I always do/think opposite of everything that others do."


"What I do/think mostly turns out to be opposite of what others do."

It is as if to some people their own ideas don't matter at all. Either you blindly follow the crowd.....or you blindly run against it. Isn't being a blind rebel equivalent to being a conformist of a different kind?

p.s- This post was initiated by something a friend of mine said before the world cup final. Initially he was supporting India when our team was losing. why? cos everyone was dissing the team. But towards the end he wanted the sri lankans to win. Why? Because everyone is cheering for India.