Vantage point

Friday, April 18, 2003

I find the whole Togadia-sedition thing downright hilarious.

He is in prison for 5 days and it is apparent from the reaction of the Rajasthanis that they couldn't care less. The "bandh" called by the VHP fell flat on its face and whereas they had earlier taken a very "holier-than-thou" stand saying they would not apply for bail and all......but 5 days of zero-reaction from Rajasthani people, and Togadia's lawyers headed Magistrate-wards to get the loony doctor (not like Glossop who is a doctor for the loonies, but Toggy is a doctor who is loony) out on bail.

Heard Giriraj Kishore on the news today and he was so livid with the situation that he was more illogical than usual, blaming the media for the whole imbroglio!! He said that now the VHP would "go to any lengths" to dislodge the Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. This means that ready reckoner type lists are being made so that Muslims in Rajasthans can easily be attacked during riots, like in Gujarat.

I never had any admiration for Gehlot, but I must say this sedition charge thing is a master stroke. It must rank as the top 5 most brilliant moves by a politican in India. I don't know if the charge will stand in court...probably not...but such action is needed when people go around distributing daggers even when the government stops them from doing so.

After all, like Prof. Sengar at IIML says - "Laaaaa (law) is above God."

of course Sengar's explanation for the statement was different...but that merits another blogpost in thefuture. ;-)