Vantage point

Saturday, April 19, 2003

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you must be knowing about the spoof film that Pushkar, Sunil and I have decided to work on, called "Picchur the Philim"

I mentioned one scene of the movie here. Pushkar has written another on his blog in the 15th April entry. And there is a third one. Here it is -

Location - A park (or Aarey milk colony)
Time - evening

Our hero and heroine are walking in the park, cootchie-cooing, whispering sweet somethings to each other. They may even dance around trees in a very monotonous PT-type fashion, because it seems to be very integral to a Hindi movie. That is when a goonda (hooligan) thumps into the scene. He gives them with a sinister look or two with a leer prominent on his face. With a greedy grin he starts advancing towards them. Now dimensionally speaking, if the goonda is Qutb Minar, then our hero is the excusable hump a few metres from it, where attempts were made to build another minar, but were abandoned. i.e while the goonda had his 12 eggs for breakfast, a few sheep for lunch and a cow for dinner, and worked out for 4 hours a day in the akhada, making him a towering and formidable type of bloke, our hero munches on Lay's Saif and Kaif and concentrates on just not developing a paunch.

Needless to say, the order of the day is swift retreat rather than confrontation. The ehro and heroine run towards the exit of the park. the goonda follows. This pursuit goes on for some time, but then our hero and heroine are not high on stamina either. Finally the goonda catches up with them and lets otu a triumphant laugh, saying "Ab aayega mazaa(no i am gonna have fun)"

The hero, trying to be a man says "Kameeney, meri mehbooba ko haath lagane se pehle tumhe mujhse ladna hoga.(You scoundrel, before you touch my girlfriend, you'll have to fight me)"

The goonda looks perplexed and realises that he has sent the wrong signals. He smiles, looking sincerely lecherous as ever and says -

"Teri mehbooba ko kaun haath lagana chahta hai? Mujhe toh tu bha gaya hai (Who is interested in your gf? It is you whom I've taken a fancy to)"

The heroine looks relieved, the hero doesn't. As the scene ends, the goonda has an arm around our hero's shoulder as they walk away into the sunset.

......and they lived happily (gaily?) ever after. ;-)