Vantage point

Wednesday, June 19, 2002

There are some days every year that have a small significance in our life. Today is one such day. Today I make the switch. Every year, as the summer ends and monsoon starts, the mercury drops a wee bit every day. And there is one day, when it is too chilly to shower with cold water. Know that feeling? You step under the shower, turn on the cold water and OH MY GAWD, I HAVE REACHED THE SOUTH POLE!!!! So the electric water heater has started earning its daily bread once more. Let's welcome it back from its sabbatcial.

I have to visit my grandpa today for lunch. Ever notice how grandparents still think of you as a kid and explain everything in greater detail? As if they are talking to Joey or Phoebe. I guess when someone is born more than half a century after you, that person remains a baby all your life. Love needling my Grandpa about Kumble. He hates Kumble for some reason and is not too fond of Harbhajan either. Just a stray comment on one of them and he starts passionately lambasting them.

Have to speak to Sunil as well and confirm the time we are reaching Bombay. i think we'll reach 24th night at around 9-ish and our train to Lucknow is on 25th morning 8 from CST. Looking forward to spending time in Bombay once more. I have always had this "love-hate", or rather "love-cynical criticism" relationship with Bombay. But I'll write a separate post on that sometime else.

The Pakis beat the Aussies in OZ. Very creditable, since Waqar had claimed before the series that his side was good enough to do so. Schwab Akhtar was on fire. Man, that guy is fast. Never regret the partition more than during matches like this one.

And here's a list of five dedicated to Suku-


5. Kuch Kuch Hota Hai... I don't care if it was a hit, it was a bad movie. The script was stuck together with stale bubble gum and the performances were yaaaawn. I didn't dare go for K3G.

4. Duplicate... Mahesh Bhatt needs to be arrested under POTA for making such movies.

3. Phir Bhi Dil Hain Hindustani..... Our Rotaract Club had won a cricket tourney and to celebrate we decided to go for the movie 15 minuets before we started. We got the tickets for the front "neckbreak" row in the stalls and the movie sucked bigtime. Only consolation, since I was sitting on the right side of the aisle so close to the screen, I saw only the right half of the movie and my other friends saw the left half. Both stunk and we left the hall thinking. "Hum Kyun Hai Hindustani???"

2. Lost World.... 7 of us watched the movie together. No seriously, I mean it. It was only seven of us in the Vijay Talkies trying to wonder why the movie was so different from Crichton's book. I didn't dare watch Jurassic Park 3 after that.

1. Raja Hindustani..... Bad bad bad movie. The populace in the movie keeps singing 'pardesi pardesi.." and i am sorry but i still dunno what the hype surroundiong karisma was in that movie. Maybe it was because the first time in her career, she looked like a woman and not a cross dresser or a transvestite. This was the year I fully lost faith in Filmfare awards.

Well, so that's that.

Hey, just read that an American woman has been kidnapped in Karachi. Why do these people go there?