Vantage point

Sunday, June 16, 2002

Had a lazy sunday today. spent the whole day working on my B.E. project presentation on powerpoint and then adding comments in the program. This will be the last time I ever do any programming. Tomorrow, after my viva is done, i am coming home and doing a shift+del on the TurboC folder.

Just heard a line from a famous Jagjit Singh ghazal that goes

"Hum jisey gunguna nahi saktey.... Waqt ne aisa geet kyon gaaya..."

My sentiments exactly!!!

Anyway, inspite of being a football hater, I am loving the progress Senegal is making in the world cup. Today they made it to the QF's in extra time. I guess everyone has that little sports-wannabe inside us who roots for the underdog. And dogs don't get under-er than Senegal. Go Senegal, i say, win the cup. (yeah, right!!)

Satyen left for Calcutta yesterday. It was the last time we met for a long time, since he'll be in Cal for a month and then head to Princeton. I really will miss having him around a lot. I mean, he was in Bombay for the past 4 years, but still, he was close. He told us about everything right from how he first fell in love to how he puked after downing tons of beer. He kept visiting Pune every few weeks, and the connection was there. Now suddenly, it'll be like the Princeton-Lucknow chasm that'll be tough to cross. Emails are not the same as the real thing. =-(. Anyway, will miss you, Satyen. Rock New Jersey (and Massachusettes too ;-) )

Now, as Vallari reminds me online, i have a project oral tomorrow, so I'll shut up. More tomorrow after I have deleted the entire TC folder.