Vantage point

Monday, June 10, 2002

Back from a short vacation. Had gone to Dapoli, a small place in Konkan, that is the western coast of India, a 100 km from Bombay. This was the first time in over a decade that I visited a beach. It is so overpowering, the feeling you get when you see the sea for the first time after such a long time. The sheer vastness, the playful as well as vivacious waves, and the perfect blue colour, not to mention the creamy white sand. Adding to the natural beauty of the Konkan strip was the great food we had there. Seafood is my favourite, I must confess. Maybe it is my pukka saraswat genes, but nothing in the world can even come within striking distance of prawns curry, if it is my lust for a food item you are measuring. Best of all, seafood is not fattening at all. I hogged so much for three days and yet my scales tell me I am half a kilo lighter. Fish have no fat, just proteins. Maybe it is because of all the swimming they do!!

Now that the freakin� exam is behind me, I shall dig my fangs into a book I have wanted to read for a long time. Bought R K Narayan�s �The Guide� yesterday. Did you people know that Narayan totally disowned the movie that Dev Anand and Vijay Anand made on that book? I saw the movie long back and I just remember the basic skeleton of the story. It will be interesting to read the book and figure out if Narayan was justified.

Chaitanya who was with me in the book stall bought �Chamber of Secrets�. That completes his Harry Potter collection. I still have not seen the movie!! I have to watch around a billion movies before I leave for Lucknow.

Getting back to the Dapoli trip, Ashish had grown a nice(!) goatee over the past few weeks. Combine that with the fact that he is a heavy sleeper and it would be easier to rouse Kumbhakarna than him, and you have a golden opportunity. I grabbed that opportunity. He was taking a siesta in the beach house when I took my razor and shaved half his moustache. That is all one needs to do, because the imbalance causes him to shave the rest. We wanted to click a photo of him with the half cut facial hair, but he restrained the four of us from doing so (for a skinny guy, he is remarkably strong).

India has announced some confidence building measures. Apparently now Pakistani airplanes can use Indian airspace. It looks like just as monsoon clouds gather, the war clouds are dispersing.

Monsoon clouds are gathering with the earnestness of flower girl on durga pooja. Very soon there will be incessant rains. Can�t say I look forward to that for the next four months. Whoever finds the monsoons romantic for its entire duration needs to have a tete-a-tete with me on the subject.

The electricity board seems to be testing its switches and buttns today. We have had the power shutting and starting at least 10 times today. I don�t think any load has been shed though, since the total period for which it was shut was not more than an hour.

Michael Schumacher won the race�again (the word pronounced like Tom Hanks in Forrest Gump). At this rate the season will be over in two more races. Wake up, Williams, puhleeeeeeez make it more interesting.