Vantage point

Sunday, May 19, 2002


This is a broad classification I have made of the candidates who turn up at the IIM or any other GD/PI stage. I being one of them, might not be able to provide a completely neutral analysis, but still, here goes-


These are the people who have been told at CF or IMS to "forge alliances" before the GD's. They set about it with more alacrity than Powell after 9-11 and indulge in a flurry of handshaking and "Hi I am so-and-so, and you are?"-ing. They take pointers from Diana Hayden, Yukta Mookhey et al about artificial smile-plastering and practise it very sincerely. They want everyone to love 'em so that no one will interrupt when they rattle off the carefully rehearsed Shiv-Khera-chhaap quotes during the GD. Such an extra-nice attitude betrays a slight inferiority complex which gets accentuated during the later stages of the GD when it becomes a fish market.


These guys have been gifted with a titanium larynx and they make the utmost use of it during the GD. If they sense that the GD is drifting away from the point they have finally understood, they will yell out "BUT LET'S NOT FORGET THE BASIC ISSUE HERE". If there are 2 or more yellers in the same GD, the moderator applies for an ear-drum transplant. These yellers end up making enemies very soon in the GD and even when they don't yell, they get interrupted by all.


These are the people who go for the high-risk-high-gain strategy of starting the GD. They don't have the slightest idea of anything sensible to say, so a formidable quote always slips out. Sometimes they go off on a tangent ensuring that they get atleast 30 seconds of free airtime. But once into the GD, they lose steam and are nowhere on the scene during the closing stages.


They are sure of their superiority. The don't mingle before the GD, they don't mingle after the GD. They say a few terse things during the GD which no one really cares about, least of all the moderator. Their interveiws are the shortest and they leave the venue immediately afterwards, to apply for a GMAT date.


When the candidate steps out from a gruelling interview session, these guys pounce on him to make matters worse. Regardless of the fact that no questions are ever repeated in an IIM interview, they quiz him about the tedious details. This third degree makes one wish eh was abck in the interview room.


Generally there are only one or two girls in a GD group. They don't have to do much for mingling. The guys flock to them. When these girls raise their voice during the GD, everyone else listens. Their interviews go fairly well and after the interview, there is no dearth of offers to "drop you home?".