Vantage point

Sunday, June 02, 2002

Yay! Got my first 'stranger' email about the blog. Can't tell you how wonderful it felt to read your mail, Sonal. You really made my day.
One of the laziest Sundays ever. Did nothing but read the paper, watch TV and generally horse around. Had home-made pizzas. They have a distinctly tangy taste compared to the outside fare. You'll have to eat one of those at my place to really understand.

This whole hype about the football world cup is making me even more anxious for the cricket version. Never been much of a football fan myself. I think I agree with Kipling's definition of them as "muddied oafs", though not of criketers as "flannelled fools". Seems like an entirely uni-dimensional game to me. Does not have enough variables if you know what I mean. I prefer complex and elaborate games which have a lot of factors governing them. Like cricket, right from the field setting to the pitch colour, from the sight screen width to the batting order, and millions of more factors. Or like Formula 1 which has tyres, pit stops, the different arrangement of chicanes on each track, team roders, slip stream, pole positions, etc etc etc. When I watch a match or a race, it should be unique, like no other I have seen before, or like none I will ever see. I used to love watching tennis too, when it was a maze of volleys and dives, in the days of Boris Becker. Now it is more like boom-boom-boom, 40-love. Just power play. If I was interested in that I'd watch the hammer throw. Even today when I am surfing channels, and they are showing those 3 minute clips of "Golden Moments of Wimbledon", I wish that it would keep going on and on. Now it has become a one track game of bulging biceps and sinewy shoulders. So more than the "Group (F) of Death" situation England is in, I follow the English cricket team whipping the Lankans by an innings and 100 odd runs. Good victory.

I should be more into following "Electronics Measurements", the second last paper of my "engineering jeevan". It is day after tomorrow and I can't wait to get this exam past me and head to Lucknow. Yesterday there was a party at Mumbai organised by the IIML seniors. I ahd to miss it because of the exams. =-(.

Anyway, todays list of five-

LIST OF FIVE MAJOR IRRITANTS IN LIFE (in a countdown format)

5. Writing a 3 hour long exam in the Mech Drawing Hall(sans fans) of COEP in the summer. Chicken legs in a tandoor are in a more enviable place.

4. All the wierd "No Entry" signs put up in the 'gao'(that's lingo for the Old City section in Pune, specifically designed to make you take the longest detours and most annoying U-turns possible.You can actually race a snail from Shaniwarwada to Alka Talkies and lose !

3. The meticulously timed 'load shedding' schedules of the MSEB. In the past few weeks, we have had upto 10 hours a day of load shedding. But now apparently, the crisis is behind us. Of course, now that teh summer heat is falling, who needs to cut power?

2. The torrid monsoon shower which catches you just in the morning so you spend the whole day at college with a wet underwear. (Yuck). It's going to be another 'normal' monsoon this year, so yuck away.

1. And taking the top spot by a large margin - Kareena Kapoor