Vantage point

Saturday, May 25, 2002

A typhoid shot is supposed to cause drowsiness and fever, goes a popular misconception. Well, my Doctor assured me that isn't so and I, having been injected with it, can stand by his claim. I also have to get a chest X ray and have myself checked by a Civil Surgeon. No, no, don't worry, nothing's wrong. These are the requisites of the IIM Lucknow. I have to send these reports by 6th June. So on monday, I'll be wasting a whole day the Sassoon Hospital hunting for a civil surgeon, which is very ironic, since people in Sassoon are even more uncivil than the ones in our college Accounts Section.

The sickeningly castrated version of the Sunday Times of India informs me that India has given Pakistan a two week deadline to stop infiltration. The last few days have raised my estimation of the wit of the Ministry of External Affairs. When Pakistan announced its intentions of conducting missile tests, Nirupama Rao, the unflappable MEA spokesperson first said "We are not impressed", the next day she says "It betrays Pakistan's nervousness over the current situation". The second comemnt had the Pakis frothing in anger. As if this wasn't acerbic enough, she made my favourite MEA comment of all time.

Tongue firmly in cheek she said "One fails to understand why Pakistan has chosen this moment to deplete one of the readymade missiles in its stock". OUCH!!

Today Jitesh and Shree are getting married. the Rotaract Club of Pune Karvenagar has been a marriage club of sorts and this is the second merger between ex-members. The cute couple staretd off 4 years ago when he was the Finance Director and she was the Treasurer. The following year, he was the President and she was the Secretary. Very few couples look as MFEO as these two. Here's wishing them a long long and blissful married life.

Naseeruddin Shah's "Jeena Isika Naam Hai" (an hour long show on Zee TV in which a celebrity's old friends, family etc come and talk about him/her) has been the best I have seen so far. He laughed, he cried, he totally enjoyed the whole thing. The most touching moment was when an old teacher who he thought was dead, came all the way from Australia to meet him. Great show, totally opposite of the Laloo Yadav episode.

Laloo's episode was as irritating as Kareena Kapoor in the latest Pepsi commercial. Watching her gives me the same sickening feeling I get when I hear someone dragging their fingernails over a blackboard. Someone please shut off the Kareena supply tap.

Monaco boo-ed Schumy at the qualifiers for the Grand Prix yesterday. Montoya finally took the pole in a stunning last minute drive. I get a feeling it's not Michael's weekend. Perhaps this is where we see some real competition coming into play.