Vantage point

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

Cool blog, Sonal. May it's length increase even after summer.

Just heard that the Maharashtra government of the Congress-NCP is in trouble. I do hope it doesnt come down. I am not Congress fan but a sworn Shivsena opponent, a party which I think is muddying the name of the great Shivaji. The past three years have been better in terms of industrial growth and FDI for Maharashtra. If the SS comes back, wow, will I be thankful to be in Lucknow !! Considering who rules there, that's making a strong comment. Thackeray while nominating new people for the corporation elections had said "The old guys filled their coffers, now let the new guys fill theirs". This guy is so unabashed about corruption, but he manages to hoodwink people into following him by making some two-minutes-noodle style patriotic comments.

The funny thing is he has a lot of supporters among the educated class too. I have had many an argument with his 'fans'. They talk just like him when I ask them about his wierd policies.

Anyway, Thackeray isn't worth the electrons that will be moved around to make this post on my blog.

I just realised that we are now nearing the end of summer and I haven't had an ice cream, in ages !!! Time to drag Sharwari or Ameya or Ashish to an ice cream parlour.

I think I'll stick to choco-chips.

Today's list of five-


1. Coconut Almond
2. Leechee pista
3. Watermelon(!)
4. Orange-KitKat (yes, that's an ice ceram flavour)
5. Raspberry (funny, but i have never EVER eaten it)