Vantage point

Wednesday, June 05, 2002

Typing this the night before my last ever engineering exam (fingers crossed). Image Processing, one of the subejcts that I really really enjoyed studying is the paper.

Typing this, with Mummy and sis (Sangita) arguing over the pluses and minuses of Shahrukh's character in Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge which is on cable right now. Sort of a structured discussion happening. Mum says his character is too wierd and cheap for any girl to travel Europe with him. Sangita doesn't agree. The argument continues.....

I'll brush up a little on the Image Segmentation part now.

I may not blog for a few days. Me and some friends and going to Dapoli, which has many virgin beaches and is generally considered one of those yet-to-be-discovered-but-heaven-on-earth holiday spots. Satyen, who has been twiddling his thumbs for the past two weeks, since his exams at IITB got over long back, has done all the booking-shooking job. It will be our last outing for a while, by 'our' I mean the 'Group of eight' who were in one class in Abhinav Vidyalay. We shall all be going our separate ways in a few weeks and god knows when the next time we will be in the same city.

Aniruddha Nagraj will be in New Jersey, Aniruddha Kane will be in Virginia, Satyen will be in NJ too, but in the hallowed hall of Princeton ( isn't showing any signs of Schizophrenia yet!!). I will be in Lucknow. Shantanu, Mihir, Tushar and Ashish will take theirs CATs and GREs in the coming year.

Really looking forward to our last vacation together...