Vantage point

Saturday, June 15, 2002

The Pakistani government is so convoluted even when it comes to blaming India. After yesterday's blast, their "Information Minister", (the term itself an oxymoron in Pakistan as proved by Kargil) said that the blast was "the handiwork of forces which were out to prove that the country was the epicentre of terrorism. ". What a load of crap. Some arbit group called Al Qanooni has claimed responsibility.

Was out till late last night, so will, keep this blog short.


5. Gardent Court, wonderful location and ambience
4. Hotel Durga, a dingy little place that serves the best anda burjee , (a spicier version of scrambled eggs) around and is open till 2 a.m. Spent innumerable PL hours there.
3. Joint 3rd- Burger King on East Street and Burger Barn in Koregaon Park. Scrumptious burgers and cheaper, would beat McDonald's hollow anytime.
2. Zamu's Sizzlers. I prefer it over the more fashionable "The Place" anytime.
1. COEP Boat Club Canteen. Call me senti, but this place that serves the worst tea, most horrible wadas, suspiciously deep fried samosas and dubiously composed uttappa-sandwiches and little else will be the place I miss the most, simply because I have spent most of my four years at COEP there, and often the best moments too. I'll miss the "BC pe miltey hain" parting call too.