Vantage point

Thursday, June 13, 2002

The Maharashtra government survived the no confidence vote by a comfortable margin of 10. Thackeray and his ruffians actually kidnapped an MLA, but they should probably learn to read and then read up on the anti-defection law which states that at least one third members of a party should be quitting the party to legally recognize it as a split. Otherwise, the quitting MLA�s can be disqualified. That is what happened. The saffron sickos were kept at bay for another day.

I have to acknowledge that my Aesop fable came from the reference on Sonal�s Blog to India and Pakistan as a small kid and India as a big but kind dog.

Saw Spiderman at last. Wonderful movie. Brings back memories of my childhood when I was a big Spiderman fan. I owned the first comic in which his transformation from Parker to Spiderman is shown. I also remember the Spiderman Cartoon show on Doordarshan every Sunday at 5 in the evening. We all used to watch Spiderman and then would go to play cricket or anything else. I can remember the days when DD was the only option. Kids today (do I sound ancient?) have a billion channels to choose from. For us, the Sunday morning 9 a.m. Mickey and Donald show was as precious as a comet sighting is to an astronomer. There was this great series called �Stone Boy�, with that kid from Agnipath. Then there was the time travel sci-fi called �Indradhanush�. Of course, who can forget �Space City Sigma�, India�s own Star Trek. There was also a kiddy detective series called �Super Six� which I later discovered was a direct lift from �The Three Investigators�. Sunday morning was a time to watch quality television. I remember I used to get damn irritated by that hour long � �Spirit of Unity Concert� and I could never figure out the purpose behind it. I wonder how DD is on Sunday mornings now.

By the way, Sonal, Kirsten Dunst, while not on my top 5, would definitely figure somewhere around 15, in the most irritating things list. On top of that I have just read that he butt was padded during that movie!!! Funny, since the one complaint Satyen and I had about the movie was that in the comics, Mary Jane was HOT and SEXY while Dunst appeared such a Plain Jane (no pun intended!) almost like a girl next door (now, pun intended!). And if even this plain look was padded, then I shudder to think how she would look without it.

Went to this little restaurant near Shivaji Market called �Hotel Radio�. Weird name, eh? I wonder if the chilli they serve there is called �radio mirchi�? < canned laughter >. Aniruddha and I went there, one of our last beef binges before I head to Lucknow and he to Virginia. These binges started about a year back when Ashish told us that there are places in the Cantonment area where they make excellent beef preparations and very cheap too. Since both Anya and I had no staunch Hindu beliefs, we soon became regulars at these joints. Delicious food, the rolls and sheekh kebabs are to die for. The parathas with a tava-gosht is scrumptious too and leaves you with an overfull tummy. At the end of the day, after hogging so much, the bill comes to about 30 bucks per head. So it works out fine in every way, except that I will probably be chased all around and poked with his horns by Yama�s bull when he comes for me.

Sharwari and Madhura, with their SP group, left for Khopoli for a couple of days. One of their friends passed away in an accident near the Dandekar Bridge where a PMT knocked him down. Death at such an early age and in such a macabre manner seems so unfair. That very evening he was supposed to take a flight to Mauritius to join his parents there. Instead his parents had to come here to perform his last rites. Why does this happen? How can the Dawoods and the Bin Ladens of the world lead a long cheerful life whereas someone like Nilesh suffers such a sudden and tragic end? It is things like these that have made me an agnostic-leaning-towards-atheism.

It also makes one realize that life can be so short. You never know what you say to whom might turn out to be the last thing you say to that person! So we should strive to be nice to everyone at all times. Whoever said, �Live everyday like it�s the last day of your life� knew what he was saying.