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Thursday, June 20, 2002

Thanks, Sonal, for the comments link.

OK, so TIME thinks our PM is a senile old man. Let them. I don't think TIME is the gospel of truth. Ignore them. I've never understood the big deal behind this mentality of ours to crave for Western approval. In our quizzes, one oft he favourite question still is "Which Indian actress graced the cover of TIME magazine in the 70s?" and the answer is proudly "Parveen Babi". Hardly anyone knows that TIME carried an article about Zeenat Aman and mistakenly printed Parveen Babi's photo. That is how significant the story was for them. Let go of this obsession.

Chandan Mitra, editor of the Delhi-based newspaper The Pioneer, called
Perry's article 'supercilious, patronizing, white-supremacist, flippant
and crassly ill-mannered.' He suggested that the article was driven by a

Well, I say our reaction to this two pence magazine and its views is "childish, over-aggressive, brown-slavist and crassly ill-mannered." I also feel the reaction is driven by stupidty and a servile mentality.

Anyway, TIME showed how silly it was when it name Guilliani the Man of the Year in 2001. A clear case of 'playing to the gallery' than naming the real Man of the Year, who we all know is probably shaving daily and picking the best cut of halal meat somewhere in Pakistan while plotting his next move. All those Sanghis who burnt the TIME issues must have bought them first. What does TIME care, as long as you buy them.

I read today that Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Bombay Dreams" which opened to packed houses in London on 19th June is full of cheap jokes poking fun at India. Mira Syal, the woman who wrote the script has made a career and lots of moolah out of doing that. Her "Goodness Gracious Me" didn't really strike a chord here, because it was not contemporary humour. We Indians (most of us) can laugh at ourselves. Look at the success of "Ulta Pulta" and "Flop Show", as also "Jaane Bhi Do Yaro". But Syal's writings seem to have a Britain-based-Indian in mind rather than a normal Indian. Anyway, who cares?

Rahman's music has been liked by the critics, in fact it's the only thing they really liked. So, ALL HAIL RAHMAN, the Nizam of Melody.

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