Vantage point

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Just came back after seeing Episode II- Attack of the Clones. It is a BAD movie. A rank bad movie if there ever was one. Give it all the razzies possible, I say. All these prequels to the trilogy are making George Lucas a lesser man, every time an episode is released. The only useful thing about this movie is that you learn why Darth Vader (Anakin Skywalker) has a claw instead of a right hand. Gimme Episode II- The Two Towers, that is the next part of the Lord of The Rings trilogy please.

By the way, I thought of recording one more peeve that I am sure you all share with me. You are 200 meters from the signal which is green. You race your vehicle to catch it, but just as you reach the stop line, it makes the amber-red transition and you are the first person standing there, cursing your luck.

The next few days till I leave are full of parties and treats. Tomorrow�s lunch is my treat for Sharwari, Madhura, Chaitanya and Chinmay at Garden Court. Then tomorrow night is Chinmay�s birthday treat at Kimaya. Saturday afternoon is Chaitya and Aniruddha�s goin-to-USA treat at one of the pizza places, and Saturday night Ashish�s mom is cooking fish for us. I am thinking of getting extra holes punched on my belt.

I have to buy a suitcase tomorrow. What a weird thing to buy. What are you supposed to look for in a suitcase? Any tips?