Vantage point

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Good Ole Namya

This video-clip will be relevant only to those who grew up in Western Pune. It has N.M. "Namya" Kulkarni talking about Matrix Algebra in a Distance Learning thing on the DD-Sahyadri channel. The same old Tarkhadkari accent, the same tone, the same emphasis on the same words, it almost transported me 10 years back in time to the tiny room of his coaching class in Kothrud. He had a 90% market share amongst HSC Maths Coaching Classes. Of course, since this is a televised appearance, we see him talking only maths. What made his classes memorable were his trademark rebukes like "Sabnis, tu ek ateeeeeshay agau mulga aahes" or "Miss Kolhatkar, aga ikde laksha de jara, tichaashi kaay gappa maartes" or "Nulkar-Nerlikar ekdum khaas mitra aahet bara ka? Nehmi ekatra".

Or his excited statements like "Aaj mee tumhaala ek bessssst super IQ problem denaar aahe. baghuyaat kon sodavtay te" or his sing-song formulae like "limit theta tends to jheeeeeeeeero...sine of theeta upon theeta eeejheequalto one".

This clip, as I said, is cmparitively staid. Yet, served as quite a blast from the past.