Vantage point

Monday, December 04, 2006

My Favourite Bitch

You know how there are days when you just miss Mumbai? I am missing the pants off Mumbai right now. Just lying down on my bed, thinking of random things uniquely Mumbai - that soft juicy paav, stacked in a big cloth 'thaila', hanging on bicycle handlebars as it heads towards the nearest shop... calibrating where exactly you should stand on the platform so that the door of the local train rake is right in front of you... knowing instinctively as you wake up in the morning and see the torrent outside, that today is THE day that the rain will throw Mumbai out of gear and you can safely stay home without worrying about your Boss being pissed off... taking pride in the snobbishness of living on the Western side and not Central... using your cellphone camera to snap the most hilarious "Baba Bangali" and "Cure for Piles" type ad stickers inside the local train...

Bombay, you bitch, I miss you. See you in 3 weeks.