Vantage point

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Get Dada In

Readers of this blog will know my soft spot for Sourav Ganguly. So they won't be surprised to see me thrilled at the possibility of his return to the team. The national selectors meet on Tursday to pick a team for the SA test series. Yuvraj Singh is injured and Rahul Dravid may miss the first test. There is now absolutely no cricketing reason not to pick Sourav Ganguly, considering the fact that he has the experience of having played 2 test series there.

As it is, the way he was dropped reeked of personal issues. Granted that considering his head was on the line he should have scored centuries to shut detractors up. But even the 30s and 40s he scored in Pakistan were good enough to keep him at least in the 16. After all, most of the team had failed, and Yuvraj Singh, the guy chosen ahead of him got 3-4 chances in every knock. However the modern age Janus, Kiran More dropped him and kept him out.

Now with a new Chief Selector in charge, one hopes cricketing sense prevails and Ganguly is picked. And I hope he is played. And as a Ganguly fan, I will keep all my fingers and toes crossed hoping that he cashes in on this opportunity and makes a triumphant return to the team.