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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Pondy carwashes and gifts for dogs

The title of this post can be sung to the tune of "Money for nothing", but that's neither here nor there.

Most living beings in this country bemoan the consumerist culture which permeates existece. Most living beings in India bemoan that we are becoming consumerist. I have never had any problems with consumerism. In fact I strongly encourage it since it is a fertile source of entertainment and wonderment, not to mention inspiration.

How can you not be inspired by the sheer ingenuity of the man who thought to himself - "Hey, men like watching boobies. Men like getting their cars washed. Why not combine the two and start topless car washes?". There are topless car washes springing up all over the country. And the idea is also being used to raise funds in some instances. Of course this kind of topless car wash just won'

But even that idea does not hold a dainty mop in front of a product I saw advertised on that venerated resource - Telebrands. Doggy Steps, a gift for your dog. These are steps which will help your dog jump on to the bed. I am guessing the first draft of the ad voiceover was - "Are you too fat? Does the fitness of your dog present a problem when you take him out for a walk? Here is a way by which you can make your dog as fat as you. Doggy steps". But later they went with the funda of "Get this as a christmas gift for your dog(!!)" which they use on TV. In fact they even have a wreath in the corner of the screen to suggest to you that it should be bought as a christmas gift for your dog.