Vantage point

Friday, November 24, 2006

Shoner Gate

Doing the very touristy thing, the first place I visited after coming to San Francisco was the Golden Gate Bridge. Whether it was due to the fact that it was Thanksgiving, or for some other reason, but about half the tourists there were desi. I have heard that Niagra Falls is completely desi territory now, but I had no idea Golden Gate would be as well. There were so many desi faces everywhere, that if not for the splendid view, I may as well have been on the Howrah Bridge.

If you pay fleeting attention to the desi conversations, 95% turn out to be either Gujju or South Indian. Gujjus in California, like Gujjus everywhere, travel in massive contingents, with all possible extensions of the family tree stuffed inside a station wagon.

Then another touristy thing was done. Ghirardelli. Again, desi desi everywhere.

I have nothing against desis. Some of my best friends are desis. But seeing them everywhere is dabba painful.