Vantage point

Monday, November 20, 2006


Politicians are selfish and further their own agenda. All of them. It is part of who they are. Which is why it amuses me when the Left in India is touted by many to be the only "principled" political group in the country. A lot of people buy into this rhetoric mainly because of their rants against America and Israel, and the tears they shed for the victims in Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Yet, all these principles vanish into thin air when the oppressor is someone on their own side. Left parties have led several support rallies against America and related issues. But on the topic of Tibet, they are maintaining a studied silence. And even the Indian government, which allowed protestors to run amok during Bush's visit, harass women in Mumbai's locals, and go rioting in Lucknow, is following the Left's lead by placing Tenzin Tsundue under house arrest.

The house arrest decision, already ridiculous beyond belief, is even more outrageous when you consider the current fad of Gandhigir in the nation. Tenzin was born in India, has been in India all his life. He is an Indian citizen. To place restrictions on his movement is reminiscent of everything that Gandhiji stood against. Gandhiji's own party is clamping down on a non-violent protestor. Why? Just to suck up to China, and probably to appease the Leftists.

The message this sends out is, if you are a violent protestor, like the folks who havegone on rampages in Mumbai, Lucknow, Hyderabad, etc to protest against America, then the government will stand by and let you protest. But if you are a non-violent protestor, you will be restrained.

People talk about how the common people in this country are forgeting Gandhi's principles and his teachings. When the government, run by his own party, has forgotten them completely, is that a big surprise?

Shameful. Yet another chapter for the book "Manmohan Singh - Worst Prime Minister Ever".