Vantage point

Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Pink Game

I hearby announce my creative commons patent on a new game that I invented - The Pink Game. It can be played at parties, in buses, in cars, in classrooms using paper, during phone conversations, and most importantly, can serve as an excellent flirtation device.

The rules of the game are simple. The prerequisites are simpler - you need to have heard Aerosmith's 'Pink'. What you do is add to the song's lyrics, one line at a time. Every line must begin with, or contain the word 'pink'. And of course, follow an AABB rhyming scheme. Needless to say, the lines have to be sung in tune, and utmost efforts must be made to sound like Steven Tyler.

These are the lines I wrote.... actually co-wrote a couple of days back -

Pink like a termination slip
Pink as my favourite hair clip
Pink cos I'm red and you're white
Pink, it makes me feel alright

Pink even in this big rainbow
Pink when I bruise my left elbow
And pink on the neck of a parakeet
I'm pink when I'm hit by the sleet

And every pink string in my wardrobe goes
Like a cultured rose
In the abyss of pinkness toooooo
Pink, the crust on my bottle of glue
Pink, the lace on my left shoe...

You get the idea.