Vantage point

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Quite a Coincidence

It is quite a coincidence that two men whose long flourishing careers received jolts due to bloggers are both starting the second innings of their life at approximately the same time.

Dan Rather, who lost his top newsman job at CBS because of a series of events put in place by bloggers, recently started hosting his own show on HDNet. Admittedly, that is a rather lame second innings, considering only a fraction of Americans have HDTV.

No lameness in the second innings for the other blog-burnt guy though. Trent Lott, who had to resign as Senate Republican Leader after bloggers made a major issue out of his nostalgic comments about segregation, has been elected back to the position.

Who would have thought that the blogosphere's 2 biggest casualties would almost synchronize their return?