Vantage point

Friday, December 01, 2006

House in da House!

Latest TV show I have discovered and fallen in love with - House. It was first described to me couple of months ago as "A show in which this doctor called House examines unusual medical cases and comes up with solutions.... something like a medical X Files". That description didn't really grab me. Medical sitcoms, i.e M*A*S*H and Scrubs I dig. But medical dramas bore me and I didn't feel enthused to try it out. Then I came to know that House is played by Hugh Laurie speaking in an American accent. That de-enthused me even further. Why the perk is Laurie agreeing to put on an American accent? I stayed faithful to Comedy Central for laughs and Fox News for more laughs. Occasionally wandering over to NBC for a fresh episode of The Office.

But then in San Francisco, Ani sold the show really hard. He had the first season of House on DVD and made me watch it. And yes, now I am hooked completely. The show is completely Hugh Laurie. Can't imagine anyone apart from him pulling off the character. The American accent still rankles though. Why not let him be an obnoxious sociopathic Brit doctor instead of an obnoxious sociopathic American doctor?