Vantage point

Friday, December 01, 2006

The Pietersen Mystery

Kevin Pietersen's CV grows longer still. He completed his century at the Adelaide Oval a while back. What I miss the most about watching Ashes is the Pietersen-Warne battle.

Now Pietersen is the sort of player I'd pay money to watch. How is that possible, given his background? A friend and I were discussing this a few months back and we hit upon the solution. He is actually South African. South Africans are amongst the dourest, most boring batsmen in the world. And he plays for England. Englishmen are also among the most boring batsmen in the world, though not as dour as they'd like. Now thanks to some weird crickecelestial co-ordinate thingummy, the two boringnesses must have been of opposing polarity or something. Hence they cancelled out. And instead of getting a player twice as boring, we got a dazzler.