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Monday, December 04, 2006

Blogs in Marathi Media

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Dr. Dilip Sane from Pune sent me a scanned copy of a small column which appeared in Sakal, the highest selling marathi daily. The column is carries the blurb "Blogvishva" i.e Blog World, and its heading means "The Expanding World of Blogs". It talks about how popular blogging is among Indian 'netizens'. It also mentions Indian Economy and India Daily as good blogs to follow. My "Kiranas Will Still Rule" post is also mentioned.

It is heartening to see the regional language media taking notice of blogs. The English media's reach is still tiny compared to the regional media. Local newspapers are the big cheese when it comes to reach as well as influence. So if these newspapers are following blogs and writing about them, then the Indian blogosphere is doing something right.