Vantage point

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Ayn Rand as Black Coffee

Today I read somene who wrote he found Ayn Rand's writings to be too fanatical.

Ayn Rand's philosophy can be thought of as very potent and strong black coffee. Some may like the black coffee shot and find it refreshing. Others may find it to be unpalatable in isolation and add milk, cream, hot water, sugar etc to turn it into what is the ideal brew for them. But they should remember that the essence of the brew is still the black coffee. It is primarily the black coffee that gives the brew its taste, its character and its desirability.

So while evaluating what Rand says, ask yourself if you find it illogical. If so, show how it is illogical. See if it strikes you as morally wrong and/or violating your first principles. If so, then maybe coffee isn't the right drink for you.

But don't criticize her philosophy as too strong or too fanatical. That is not a criticism of her philosophy. It is mainly a reflection of your readiness for stomaching it in a completely logical manner. Reach out for some millk, cream or sugar. And realize that it is your need to make it palatable that is making you add those things to the coffee, and not some flaw in the coffee that needs correction..