Vantage point

Monday, June 19, 2006


Shashi Tharoor nominated for UN Secy Gen. Big whooppee. Who cares? All the Sec-Gen needs to do is look good in suits and not be scared of air travel. They may well have nominated Shashi Kapoor, and it wouldn't make an iota of a difference. UN's suit budget would have gone up though.
Again, a fatwah has been issued against singing Vande Mataram. Again, a debate has erupted in the blogosphere. Surprisingly, I am not in the debate! What is my take on the issue? I say change the song to Test Match Mataram.
Vajpayee now says that his party should learn something from the Communists. Why not? They already seem to have learnt so much from the Congress, what with splinter parties, rebels, and pampered baba-log.
I caught a bit of the USA-Italy match. Woof! Ample roughness. See, this is what happens when you play in your country, a game where tackling people is the thing to do.... and for some reason you call it football. I bet those Americans were shocked that they were carded for such minor offences even though OJ Simpson got away with murder.