Vantage point

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Narrow Escape

I just learnt today that Sarika and I had a narrow escape from possible death some days back.

Two Sundays back, we had gone to Tamnak Thai in Dadar. Having finished the meal we stepped out of the restaurant and were thinking of taking a cab. But I felt like having mango-ice-cream-with-fresh-mango at Natural's next door, so we headed there. As soon as we stepped into the ice cream shop we heard a loud crash. Something came crashing down....there was a lot of brown wood. I am not sure what it was but it crashed all over the front of Tamnak Thai and hit a man in the head. He was lying there unconscious. People came and helped him, and he came to in a few minutes. Sarika and I felt very lucky that we had escaped being hit on the head by a matter of a few seconds.

I learnt from today's DNA that the man died.

By the way we are pretty sure that what came crashing down wasn't Tamnak Thai's signboard. It took two of its alphabets along with it, but it came from a floor way above. And the sound of the impact made it very obvious that whatever crashed came from a great height, and not just 10 feet.

My condolences to Nilima Mishra and hats off for her decision to donate her husband's eyes and kidneys.