Vantage point

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ever since I got an invite for Google Analytics a few days back, I have been analysing data about my blog with great interest.

Almost a third of my visitors are direct visitors. That means they enter my URL in the browser and land up here. A third are through blogger references. Amit, Rashmi, Desipundit and Greatbong make up the bulk of blogger references, accounting for about 20% of the total traffic. Kiruba, Sidin, and my biggest fan send about a percent each.

But the most interesting are the google searches. A third of my visits come from google searches. And the sort of google searches where I am on the front page are bizarre. Two biggest google-search referrers are "IIPM" and "The Great Khali".

But here are some other google searches where Vantage Point features on the front page -

Seinfeld Helmets
French girl students
15 park avenue ending
che guevara bin laden
che guevara terrorist murderer
swades review
pathetic captaincy
misal pav
pune vadapav
mandal vitims
mandal dalits
vidarbha highway

These were the interesting ones over the last week or so.