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Monday, June 12, 2006

More on Misal

The misal post evoked a couple of passionate responses.

Dushyant, my junior from COEP, writes in -

I spent four years in Pune desperately searching for Misal. The locals pointed me to several misal 'treasures' in the old town, Kothrud and a few Canteens (VIT/SYMBI). However, all these trips resulted in disappointment and eyes shot red due to traffic and a speeding bike. I have no fear in claiming that "Punyachi Misal" is possibly a Mis-Led expression.

I am sure you will regard my upcoming statement with disdain and full of prejudice but I do hope you keep an open mind.

If you ever make it to Nashik, please head over to "Shyamsunder" located in the Satpur (Industrial Area) of Nashik. There, you will notice, that a layer of poha (usually from last night) will make the bed in the rectangular steel container. Then comes the base misal, which is pure matki and none of peas nonsense. The base is hot but not terribly spicy. Of course, thin lightly salted farsaan comes in next. Two smaller compartments of the dish are likely to contain chopped onions and "Dahi". A Papad will then be delicately balanced on the misal mound and will surprisingly remain there as the waiter manhandles your plate.

The deal clincher, of course, is the hot piping Tarri. A good dose of trans and saturated fat, a chemical suspension of red chili powder and curry, is handed to you in a container with very well designed spout. You pour in the Tarri and then you begin with the pav. I cannot recall a single time where I did not run out of Tarri before I ran out of base Misal.

Throw in a wintry morning, a rainy afternoon or a post badminton breakfast and what you have is culinary heaven unparalleled.

It makes me want to take the nxt bus to Nashik!

Arun Simha has a couple of recommendations too -

You ought to definitely try the Misal, Piyush and other delights at 'Sapre & Sons', Aarey Road, Goregaon West. It is a 5-10 minute walk from Goregoan Rlwy stn. If you're travelling by road, Aarey Road is a street that goes perpendicular to S. V. Road, a km after you pass Filmistan Studios, heading north. [Ask anyone for Sapre or A. B. Goregoankar school. It is right beside the school. Every self-respecting old time Goregaonkar knows Sapre.]

And while you're there, don't forget to pack a box of kaju barfi. No, not the diamond shaped-silver foiled atrocity on the noble cashew. This is in the form of yellow cubes and is a long-forgotten traditional Marathi fare. Divine.

Wise words from the wise man, and shall be acted upon.