Vantage point

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Dravid - Poetry in Motion

Every Jackie Chan fight sequence that I see fills me with awe. I gape at the screen wondering how he is doing whatever he is doing. Its not just that he is doing something impossible, but the fact that he is doing it so elegantly, it is like watching poetry in furious motion. Whether he is evading chops, or delivering them, rolling over an accomplice's back, or rolling under an adversary's legs, he seems in miraculous command of the situation.

Watching a fluent Rahul Dravid innings is something like that. His shots may not match Sehwag's in ferocity or Tendulkar's in ease, but they make you put your hands together and applaud for the sheer unlikely rhythm in them. His batting is like watching poetry in motion, just like the other great man at Number 3, Brian Lara.

And his hundred today might turn out to be a match winning one.