Vantage point

Friday, March 11, 2005

Need some extra nails

Pakistan is fighting back. This promises to be a thrilling test, and tomorrow it will meet with a nerve-testing climax.

As of now, Pakistan is 199/5. Let's assume they are bowled out any time before lunch tomorrow.

If they are bowled in another 150 runs, then India will surely win. But every run after that will add a crease to Ganguly's forehead. Any target in excess of 200, and things will be fun.

When we have targets in excess of 200, we can count out any contribution from Tendulkar or Ganguly. Past records indicate that neither can handle the pressure of a 4th inning chase. So it will be up to the old chase-king Rahul Dravid, to manage the talent of Sehwag and overhaul the target.