Vantage point

Monday, March 14, 2005

Shift ICC to North Korea

The ICC recently announced that it will be shifting base from London to Dubai. England is a democracy, while UAE is a monarchy, an autocracy, effectively a dictatorship. Which is quite fine, because with each passing day, the ICC is crossing even more ridiculous limits in misplaced dictatorships.

The ICC is an impotent body. It has no control on how to make cricket boards work together, or how to take action against erring boards. So it takes out all its frustration on the players instead. The ICC code of conduct has to be the most Draconian document around. It is more in tune with the middle ages than the 21st century. In fact, UAE is too mild a location. The ICC should shift to North Korea.

This outburst is brought to you, courtesy of match referee Chris Broad who fined L Balaji for "not looking back at the umpire" while appealing for Kamran Akmal's dismissal in the second innings. This is as ridiculous as a dictatorship can get.

Kamran Akmal was caught!!!!!!! What appeal???? I suggest the Indian team appeal even for bowled dismisaals now.

Now saying that a bowler must look at the umpire while appealing, is even more idiotic than the most psychotic headmaster of a boarding school can get.

Seriously, ICC, consider shifting to North Korea, where you can take Kim's suggestions about newer ways to stifle personal freedom.