Vantage point

Monday, March 14, 2005

The Earth Shook...!

Felt the quake during a customer call. The customer was talking about the changing marketplace, when I felt the room shake. Me and my colleague looked at each other. I personally thought it was just a train passing by, since the building is located next to the Charni Rd station. But then the customer stopped talking, looked at us, and said "I think this is an you agree?".

By then the room was shaking considerably. All of us muttered our agreements about the quake. The room kept shaking. It is surprising how the long the quake lasted....or seemed to last. Must have been 30 seconds or so. I looked at the other people in the room, wondering whether I should lead the charge in evacuating the building. What if the building came crashing down? The uneasy looks on the faces of the other guys betrayed these very thoughts.

But then, the quake stopped. Five seconds later, phone calls started coming, from mothers, wives, girlfriends, and everyone. Five minutes later, the meeting resumed.