Vantage point

Monday, March 14, 2005

Perfume for Sehwag

While discussing cricket with my friends, I have often wondered why no team has ever consistently attacked Sehwag with the short ball. The few occasions that they have, like the Lahore test, his discomfort has been fairly obvious.

This time, the Pakistanis did that. They targetted his jugular on a regular basis. The result was a very interesting one. While Sehwag is clearly not himself while facing short stuff, he does not appear as vulnerable as Ganguly often does.

Very few batsmen are comfortable enough with short stuff to actually attack it. But a large majority can evade harm. Sehwag seems to be one of those.

The ploy will work if the bowlers succeed in frustrating him, and inducing an injudicious shot, like in the first innings in Mohali. But if Sehwag maturely lets it go, like Tendulkar often does, then he can survive, and not become an easy target like Ganguly.