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Friday, March 18, 2005

Another Dravid post

Rahul Dravid is one guy who takes everything seriously, and that includes getting big scores. Once the ball starts hitting the middle of his bat, only gravitational fields caused by collapsing stars can prevent its frequent recurrrence. So it has been seen that once he starts getting runs easily, he is not going to stop out of pity for the opposition.

Look at his double centuries. Two were hit in tests where India batted only once. On each of the remaining three occasions, he has gotten a 70-plus score in the second innings, two of them unbeaten. Even the 190 he scored in the first innings of the Hamilton test was followed by an unbeaten hundred in the second. He is the only player in the current Indian team to score a century in each innings.

I mention this because even though his first innings score in this test match was just 110, in terms of sheer command, it was probably his best inning. I would call it better than any of his five doubles, his 190 or his 180. If Dravid has hit peak form, then he is not going to dismount very easily.

Expect a long essay from him tomorrow, maybe his first ever second-innings double century. Won't that be a treat to watch?

And here's a quiz question to end this post. Mail me the answer. When was the last time a double century was hit in the second innings in test cricket? And lest people jump the gun by recalling a very very special innings, let me give you a clue. It happened twice in the same test.