Vantage point

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Let's write a story together. I'll start off giving the name of the story - and the opening passages. You continue and leave it at a point you see fit. Then someone else will continue.

Bunty reached for his mobile and saw the SMS. Not very far away, just ten by rickshaw he thought. He shut down his laptop, picked up his sword and left the house. Life is so much easier now, he thought to himself.

Bunty got into a rickshaw. The sword was hidden in a cover that looked like a curtain rod, so the rickshaw driver did not start shivering. Bunty told him where to go, but the rickshaw driver refused. Too near, was the excuse. It never even crossed Bunty's mind to threaten the driver. he simply got out, and looked for another rickshaw.

If you are picturing Bunty using his name, then its a mistake. Bunty is well over 6 feet tall, and weighs in the excess of 120 kilos. His looks resemble those of a pro wrestler.

He managed to get another rickshaw and reached the spot. There were three more men standing there, with other concealed weapons in their hands. With Bunty, the quartet was complete. Bunty did not know any one of those men. But then he didn't have to. he did not have to go whoring or drinking with them after the job was done. He could come home, put on some light classical music and try his hand at Italian food.

The four men knocked on the door. It was open. They got in, and the first thing Bunty felt on his forehead was the cold barrel of a gun. The last thing Bunty felt on his forehead was searing hot metal of a bullet, as it tore in beyond his forehead.

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