Vantage point

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Bucknor haunts others too!

One of the stories that I missed while I was in the US is about Steve Bucknor spreading his web of sins beyond India.
Vaughan fined match fee

It is time for the West Indian gentleman to hang up his boots. It has been time for about two years now.

Bucknor is ageing, and has become very incompetent of late. What makes incompetence worse is a huge ego which does not allow you to own up to the incompetence, and this compounds matters. Today, umpiring in test matches is an extremely lucrative profession. But there is no accountability and no meaningful system of review or appraisal for the umpires. The only way for the game to be rid of an umpire who is losing the full efficiency of his faculties, is if the umpire in question has enough sense to step down himself. Dickie Bird did so, as did Venkatraghavan. Bucknow, however chooses to keep sullying his own name by making a flurry of horrendous decisions.