Vantage point

Monday, January 24, 2005

Sania - The Next Big Thing?

Will Sania Mirza be the next big thing in Indian sport?

I don't know, but she will surely be the next big thing in the media coverage of Indian sports. She has got all it takes. She is talented, has been consistently successful, and last, but definitely not the least, is easy on the eyes.

Getting to the third round of your first ever grand slam is a commendable achievement by any standards, not just by the dwarfed-Indian-standards-for-all-sports-barring cricket. It remains to be seen if Sania can keep this up, and scale greater heights in women's tennis. She is said to have the talent to be in the top 30. Along with the Uberoi sisters, it looks like she can herald in a genertaion of female tennis stars from India, and in the process open the doors for many young girls to pick up the sport.