Vantage point

Thursday, November 04, 2004

Get the world map, Condi!!

Well well well! George Bush has been re-elected and insanity has been retained in the proceedings. For India it is good news, as the chumminess will further develop. Powell, who went hoarse taking credit for the India-Pak rapproachment, is likely to be replaced.

Well it might be good news for India. But it is not good news for many other countries.

If I were George Bush and I were re-elected, I would call for the world map first and the champagne second. Bet the dude is working on a list of countries to pre-emptively attack.

And with no election remaining, there is nothing at stake.

Methinks the America of 2005-2008 is going to make the Germany of 1937-1945 look like a soft state.