Vantage point

Friday, October 29, 2004

Bah, socialists!!

Our old friend, Sathish from IIMK, who was a big supporter of Murli Manohar Joshi's fee-cut drive, recently left a comment on my blog that went -

Your socialist Joshi's controversial IIM fee reduction idea has now resulted in IIM-K instituting a need based scholarship scheme and I am one of the first recipients. :))

It sure has decreased my financial burden and am thankful to Dr. Joshi for it. He he

This is the same guy who has gone on record on his blog saying that he will not go for an MNC placement, but would prefer to work for the country's development. That, only time will tell.

The issue here, Sathish is not that.

You may be thankful to Joshi for it, sathish, but you are missing the bigger picture.

Who is paying for your education? If it is private scholarships, like in my days, then fine. If Aditya Birla wanted to pay for your MBA, then hey, its his money. I've no beef with that.

But why is the taxpayer "reducing your financial burden"?

Firstly, i don't agree with subsidies at all.

But even if I do accept the idea, we should subsidise something which is absolutely necessary....a fundamental right. Subsidising MBA fatcats like ourselves when our spending on primary education is peanuts, reeks of the highest degree of elitism.

I come from a normal middle class family. If I had not gotten a loan, I would not have been able to go to IIML. Today, I have a job thanks to my education, and the job pays me enough to not only repay the loan, but also lead a very cushy lifestyle.

I don't know what your "needs" were, but as someone who probably comes from a similar background, let me tell you that the salary you get after graduating from an IIM is enough to repay the loan, and rescue your family from any normal crisis it might be in.

Hell, I would go so far as to say that even if the subsidies were removed, i.e my loan installments were doubled, I would still be able to have a decent lifestyle.

So smirk in satisfaction at having benefitted from a sucker of a state, Sathish.

But the next time you are in a rickety bus that rattles over an excuse of a road filled with potholes, don't complain. The money that could have repaired the road probably paid for your education. An expense that you could easily have borne yourself.

Bahh, socialists!!