Vantage point

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Close Encounters of the Dumb Kind - Part 2

I was at Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel meeting a customer. Having finished that call, I had to go to Chembur. My colleague was going to pick me up in 10 minutes. I thus spotted a time-window in which I could pay my Airtel bill, which was overdue by more than a week.

So I called up the Airtel call centre. After pressing many different buttons, I finally got hold of a "customer service executive(CSE)".

Me: Hello listen, I'm in a bit of a hurry. I just need some quick..
CSE: Good Afternoon sir. This is Joseph. How may I be of your assistance, Mr. sabnis?
Me: Ya, that's what i am trying to tell you. I need to know the closest location where I can pay the Arirtel bill using a credit card. I am in Phoenix Mills, Lower Parel right now.
CSE: Certainly sir, I will definitely give you the information you need. Could you please confirm your mobile number?
Me: What? Why do you need..... oh never mind... 989XXXXXXX.
CSE: OK sir, Mr. Sabnis. You want to know the closest location to pay the the bill using a credit card, is that correct sir?
Me: Yes!!!!
CSE: And you are in Lower Parel?
Me: yes. Please hurry. I have to attend a meeting after paying the bill.
CSE: Definitely sir, I will give you the information you need.
irritating silence with the clacking of keys
CSE: yes, sir you can pay the bill using credit card at any of these locations - Andheri, Bandra, Prabhadevi....
CSE: Certainly sir, I will tell you. You can pay it at our main office in Lower Parel. Where are you in lower Parel, sir?
CSE: OK sir, this is very close to Phoenix Mills. Ask anyone where the Airtel office is.