Vantage point

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Commie Ekta

Copy pasting a mail sent by an IBM-er who works in Kolkatta.

Yesterday the entire city was thrown into chaos for the good part of the day -- lakhs of our communist comrades and thousands of babu or "writers" as they are called (a hangover from the days of the british) decided to leave their desks and descend to the busy arterial streets of Calcutta... in protest.

You'd say whats new or surprising in that -- the communist parties across the country frequently do such stunts to keep themselves in the limelight (this after the WB's CM - "buddha" makes strong public announcements warning against strikes on weekdays -- incidentally he was spotted at the rally too!)

I agree.

But wait ... aren't you interested as to why strike was called in the first place??? Brace yourself. Our "Reds" did all of this as a gesture "to express their solidarity with anti-fascist powers who invaded poland on Sept 1, 1938". [directly quoted from this morning's TOI]

I mean are they for real....66 years on - i bet even the polish have a more "measured" reaction to the event.

...and then they want me to sell "solutions" not just such an audience! hehehehe